About The Team We are a group of avid travelers from around the globe who, one day, decided to put together our traveling expertise to make things easy for those who share our passion for exploring the many great experiences that the Costa Rica got to offer. Throughout our many adventures, we went through the good, the bad, and the hard. Traveling can be great, even life-changing, but is not without its difficulties. My Costa Rica Travel mission is to alleviate those obstacles for our guests, hosts, and investors. The work done at My Costa Rica Travel comes with its challenges, but is meaningful work meant to make a difference. Why Join Us At My Costa Rica Travel you will get an unique work experience with many growth opportunities and competitive salaries, as well as the necessary tools and training for you to succeed. Our company is the first of its kind in the Costa Rica, with an advanced platform like no other in the country's Real Estate and Rentals industry. Because we are an online company, many positions have the flexibility to work remotely, and we accept people from all over the world. Whether you work remotely or on-site, you will feel part of a warm community of people who care and will guide you to reaching your full potential.

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